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Grand Property Concierge is built on a foundation of service.

A partnership that developed from service to our community

Regan and Ammie met early on in their entrepreneurial journeys. Both joined the Small Business Chamber expecting to learn more about building business success. Little did they know, a few short months into their membership, they were voted into leadership roles.  Ammie was elected as President and Regan, Vice President. 

The two became fast friends and can often be found talking about business, service, and impact over a bottle of wine.

For years, they have spoken life and truth into each others’ businesses. Now, they’ve partnered together to bring their strengths to Grand Property Concierge.


Get to know the team!

We are beyond thrilled to bring these collective talents together to serve an elite community.

Meet Regan Drake

Owner of Grand Garages & CEO of Grand Property Concierge

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grand property concierge - ammie regan

Meet Ammie Dover

Business Strategist & COO of Grand Property Concierge

Ammie is an Air Force Veteran. After leaving the USAF, she began her corporate career as a Program Manager for the Department of Defense. She’s built and led multi-million dollar Information Technology efforts with teams of 100+. She transitioned once again to take that experience and start a consulting firm. She works with businesses and non-profits to work on branding efforts, increased membership and fundraising. She is a former Director of the Savannah Jaycees and a past President of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

She’s been recognized by the business community as she’s shared the stage with Google, Forbes, Starbucks and Salesforce. She also received a Business Woman of the Year nomination from the Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Most recently, she became a cancer caregiver when Jose (pictured far right) received a stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis.  You can learn more about her journey on her podcast: Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer.


grand property concierge - ammie and regan

Meet David Schmidt

Concierge & Design Liaison

David has a Fine Arts degree from Penn State and received Interior Design training from a private design school in San Diego, CA. David is also a veteran, proudly serving his country as a Naval Supply Officer (Lt.). He’s had a diverse career with 30+ years in the design/construction industry. 

He’s designed over 30 new home designs and renovations. He’s well versed in taking a client’s vision and turning it into their dream home. During his career, he’s advised countless clients on best home practices, maintenance and of course both functional and aesthetic design.

David also worked as a building inspector for the City of Coronado. Regan met David while serving on the Savannah Pride board. Their ambition and attention to detail was a perfect fit. They worked on many projects together and now David brings his professional experience and professionalism to Grand Property Concierge.


grand property concierge - david

We all met while serving our community. We’ve taken that commitment to service and built Grand Property Concierge.

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