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Year ’round Maintenance for Your Seasonal Home

Protect Each Property 

We provide the same level of care you would if you were home. Grand Property Concierge becomes your partner in home care, no matter your location.

Your home is maintained while you’re away and ready for you when you return.

Our team is present when you can’t be.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Inspections

Project Oversight

Prepare for Arrival

Routine maintenance on a pre-determined schedule. We develop a list of things that will still require attention on a regular basis. We build a maintenance schedule to maintain consistent care for your property while you are away.

Little things pop up year ’round; whether the home is occupied or not. We provide inspections of the property inside and out to look for anything that needs attention. Catching an issue early can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Some home repairs cannot wait for your return. We provide project management for scheduled repairs while you are away. We provide progress reports and pictures along the way so that you stay abreast of the project at all times. 

Traveling is a luxury but the preparation can also be stressful. We want your home to rise up and greet you upon your arrival. You provide a list of necessities and we’ll run the errands to ensure that your essentials are there when you get home.

Your Home Deserves Grand Service All Year

Ensure that your home is ready for your return to Savannah. We provide routine maintenace and security checks of your property. You get reports and pictures delivered to your email each month.

Quality Oversight

Whether you use the property frequently or seasonally, having a trusted partner in the health and welfare of your home is key to ensuring it is well maintained all year around. Your home is cared for and ready for your arrival.

Our team of concierge and property maintenance specialists become your property’s care team.

grand property concierge - consistent care

Consistency You Can Count On

Consistent visits. Consistent maintenance. Consistent quality.

We perform routine visual inspections of both the exterior and interior of your home. You receive an inspection report after every visit.

Your comfort and confidence are important to us. If there is ever an area that needs additional attention or remediation, we’re happy to video chat with you and show you the area of concern.

Contact us if you prefer live-in service while you’re away.

Exit and Arrival Prep

Your home is live-in ready the moment you walk in!

No need to worry about things like cleaning out the fridge before you go. We’ll take care of closing up the property after you leave.

We can also prepare the property for your return with items like fresh flowers and a fully stocked pantry. 

Together, we build your check-out/check-in list. 


grand property concierge - always ready

Year ’round care for your seasonal home

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