Home Watch


Security and Protection While You’re Away

Peace of Mind While Away

With our custom vacation watch packages, our team can be present at your property as often as needed while away.

We’ll even update you after each visit. Never worry about your home while on vacation again.

Grand Property Concierge keeps your home operating while you explore the globe.

Accept Deliveries

Routine Inspections

Meet Vendors

Prepare for Arrival

No need to cancel deliveries or ask a neighbor to pick up a package you forgot was being delivered. Send us the delivery schedule and we bring your packages inside.

We provide routine inspections of both the inside and outside of the property to ensure that it is secure and protected at all times. We’re one call away for urgent onsite requests.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to leave for vacation and know that someone else is tracking the progress of your repairs? We think so. We meet vendors and provide status reports.

Do you have a weekly grocery pick-up scheduled? Don’t cancel it. We’ll pick up those groceries and ensure that your refrigerator is stocked with all your favorites.

Vacation Watch – We’re there when you can’t be.

What do you do when your next major repair is scheduled as the same time as your much needed vacation? Rescheduling either can be costly.

Our vacation watch service is designed so that we can be there when you can’t. We ensure your home is maintained and protected while you’re away.

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Call to Build Your Plan:


Worry Free Time Away

Property Checks as Often as Needed

While we can’t prevent incidents from happening, during our routine property checks, we can discover them quickly rather and work to minimize damages and/or disturbances.

We can even get repairs started while you’re strolling the streets of Milan.

We set the number of property checks based on your home’s needs and your comfort level. We’re here to provide peace of mind while you’re away.

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Package Protection

Do you have toilet paper delivered like clockwork every month? We do too. We know how important it is to have access to the staples that make your home, home. Don’t reschedule or stop your routine deliveries just because you’re going to be on vacation.

Simply let us know what your delivery schedule is before you leave and we’ll stop by to bring the package inside.

Your packages will be waiting for you when you return.


Prep for Your Return

No need to put your mail on hold. We’ll stop by as often as requested to bring your mail inside. 

Want some comfort food when you return? We can have a hot dinner from your favorite restaurant ready and waiting for you the moment you get home. We can even have the fridge stocked with staples when you return home.

Pick up the next morning without missing a beat.

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Pick up right where you left off.

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